Tuesday, October 02, 2007
No more news about anything, I spoke to Mr Resources Director last night, and he needs to speak to Leo and Sylvain to work out about Cyprus. I hope they decide quickly, here is really awful, and the Hilton Nicosia has a terrifically nice indoor swimming pool.

The good news is that Kent has turned up, our technical expert, and he has already managed to sort out one thing for me. He is wandering around, murmuring "muppets, muppets..........", which I think is the politest description he can find for the people who did terrible things to our database.

Apart from that, I am not feeling too brilliant, I haven't been sleeping the past two nights, with all these database problems. Although I have made progress on David's present, I'll post a picture later on in the week. I'm actually thinking of going home at 5pm, given the way I feel.
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