Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Still Totally Whacked
In lieu of any real photos, here are the subjects for the Susan O'Connor classes I just took...

My thread-painted pear will not look like this, as Susan brought real pears to the class, and we each chose one to draw and stitch.

The monogram again will not look like this, as we did just a practice one in class, to learn the raised stem stitch - and in fact, I think my real monogram may be stitched in black. Just have to find the black coton a broder first, I am sure I have some. I am also off to Le Bon Marche on Satuday to buy their entire stock (which I do not think is extensive) as there is a nasty rumour that DMC is about to discontinue this. It's used in Danish whitework as well, so I want to have a decent stock.
And finally the stumpwork piece - in class we did half a leaf, half a raspberry, a bud and a stem, so this one takes a while. This is where the satin stitch comes in, on the leaves, and on the buds. The raspberries of course have French knots (which are just called "knot stitch" in French, and the French were puzzled as to where the French bit came in), but they are in six strands, and not too horrific for me.

I'm going to take them down to Cyprus with me, I hope I can fit everything in to my cases that I want to take. I have to go out and buy another case on Saturday, to replace the big old American Suiter that I chucked out in the summer (which was really past it, and far too heavy, I can get one now that holds nearly as much, but is much lighter). One thing you can get in Paris is luggage at a fairly good price, Samsonite and Delsey are quite reasonable.

Actually I have so much to do on Saturday that I am contemplating being sick one day this week, which is incredibly unusual for me. I have to go to the doctor, hairdresser, epilation, do a heap of laundry, work through a long shopping list. And it is not as though I am doing anything here, we are just waiting for Kent to come back tomorrow. Suzette is back (she brought me some champagne pink pearls, yum!), and, after about an hour yesterday, she sent me a message saying "so we are seat-warming, right?". "Right", I replied. Seat-warming is what we call it when he have to be visible, but there is nothing to do.

The only other news concerns the saga of the cellphone and the SIM card - I got my SIM card on Friday, only a month after I ordered the thing, and of course it doesn't work! Then yesterday morning we got a message that our old phone numbers had been restored, and lo and behold, the phone works again. However we have got no information about the contract, who pays the bills, is this permanent, temporary or whatever, so I don't know if it is going to last or not.
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