Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Mid Week Crisis
This week I am obviously having my mid-week crisis on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, given that I only have three days of work this week. I felt depressed in the train, and it wasn't improved by having to wait twenty minutes for a bus and share it with a lot of screaming kids.

Then I get here, and Sharifa is having an attack of nerves about her presentation. I disobeyed Gil's edict that I was not to attend, and a good thing I did.... there were not a lot of people there, but goodness, one of them was rather disruptive, such an aggressive manner and really not very bright, in my opinion. She has another presentation on Friday morning, on a much more complex topic, and I am sure she does not understand it properly. Also am sure that Gil does not understand it either. But I shan't be here, I shall be at a Susan O' Connor class, all I can do is prepare some notes.

At least I hope I shall be, we have the great transport strike on Thursday, allegedly only for one day, although apparently the unions have deposited notice of an indefinite strike with the government. I did look at staying in a hotel over at Levallois, where the class is - but of course, they are all booked out because of the World Cup. The nearest ones are 2.5 kilometers away, at a minimum for 500 euros for 2 nights. As I live 4.5 kilometers away, I will just set out early on Thursday, and hope that I can catch something somewhere, or else walk. It wouldn't even help to be able to ride a bike, as the newspaper said all 14,000 Velib' bikes would be taken from 6am onwards! And forget taxis, it will be the same for them, and in any case, the traffic will be at a standstill, so it would be very expensive.

I'm just downloading and reading the latest Gift of Stitching, I forgot all about it until now! There is a really nice piece from Atelier des Fees Brodeuses, whom I like very much anyway, plus the next piece of the mystery sampler - I haven't worked out yet if I like that. I think I do, but they say it gets a lot easier after this part, which means it might get boring also. If I did do it, I certainly would not be buying the full kit, it is 345 AUD!

I have quite a bit of stuff in a pile to go to Cyprus with me, supposing I do get there, I have heard nothing this week with how lawyers etc are going, although everyone assures me they are doing a lot of work on my behalf. They have a website where supposedly you can see what is happening, but all it ever says is "In Progress", very helpful. But I am assuming I am going, and preparing accordingly, which will be two suitcases, plus a shoulder bag full of laptop etc.

Should get back to work, I am testing things and generating log files for the technical people to look at - of course none of them are here this week, so I just send them out into cyberspace and hope they can look at them. Of course, I have a terrific headache, as often in the afternoons, since we have this loud-voiced young man who seems particularly vocal after lunch.
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