Thursday, November 08, 2007
It is so calm here - workwise, that is - after the project in Paris. There are just two of us, Alec and I, working with the client, and we just sit here and work on problems all day. At lunchtime we go out and get takeaway salads, and I go back to the hotel about 7pm. It takes at most fifteen minutes to walk, and that is with stopping to buy a newspaper on the way, and also allowing for the mad traffic that means you have to keep on stopping for cars to whiz past.

The drivers here are still seriously bad - on Monday night, I saw one car just drive into another near the hotel. And most days Alec and I hear a fight going on in the public car park opposite work, because someone has clipped someone else, or whatever. We cross the road at lunchtime very carefully, and I certainly won't be going for any walks along the larger roads at the weekend. It's also hunting season, that started last week, and every day there are reports of people being shot by mistake, so I won't be going out into the countryside either.

Fortunately there is quite enough to keep me busy without venturing into danger - at the weekend, I can of course work, or I can swim, go to the gym, walk, read, stitch, shop (but that only on Saturday morning, shops are closed at other times over the weekend). Alec goes home Thursday nights, so I will be here alone on Fridays, and I hope I can leave fairly early on Fridays. The shops here are fairly limited - Debenhams, Zara, tiny M&S, Accessorize, Beauty Line, plus quite a selection of shoe shops, and a single knitting and patchwork shop. There are a million kiosks for newspapers and magazines and so on, but very few bookshops, even Greek ones are not numerous.

No stitching shops, of course, but at one of the Debenhams, you can (still, I hope) buy DMC threads and the materials for Lefkaritika. There is a craft shop near Limassol, which everyone keeps on telling me has embroidery materials, but then they add "it has a wonderful range of Disney kits", so it's probably not what I am looking for, even if it wasn't so far away. Thank goodness for Sew and Sew, they are the best ONS at sending here. Of course I've brought heaps of stuff with me, why do you think I had 40 kilos of luggage?
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