Sunday, November 25, 2007
Sunday at Starbucks
Well, yesterday I did nothing really........... just moved my stuff (in a taxi) from the Holiday Inn to the Hotel Cleopatra, which actually I think is a good move. Especially now that the HI has turned on the heating! I can't believe it, every time I opened the wardrobe, there were gusts of hot air, even though I had the room heating turned off.

Cleopatra has renovated a bit, and I have a new flat-screen TV on the wall, with a lot more channels, plus satellite that you have pay for (will not get used by me, that's for sure). Also there is now a beauty salon just downstairs from my apartment, so I must make an appointment for next week.

My apartment is huge, two-bedroomed, but it was the only one left - they have warned me that I may have to move at some stage, but for now it is luxury. I sat on my sofa yesterday afternoon with my white jasmine candle lit, my stitching and TV5 Monde on TV. I am getting on quite well with the breast cancer biscornu set.... and I've unpacked the other stuff I brought, so I should make some progress. It was kind of nice to unpack both my suitcases fully and arrange everything. Plus I did go to the supermarket and get fruit and water, but really apart from that, I've done nothing so far.

I am in Starbucks, which is the best local place for free internet, and of course it makes me think of Nicky, because he used to spend entire weekends here. I miss him and David, of course. Although the company here is far more congenial than anyone in Paris, with the exception of Suzette. The Rabbit, my former PD in Paris, has been emailing me frantically, to return my access badge for the client site there - of course I had to take it with me on my last day, in order to get out of the place, and I didn't see him in between then and my departure to return it. Now he has been having kittens about it - far more important than anything else on the project, of course - so I have posted it to him. And, when I emailed to say I had sent it, I took the opportunity to tell him how lovely and positive and welcoming everyone here is, I hope he takes the hint.

I also had an opportunity to get my own back on Sylvain for screaming at me.... earlier in the week, he sent me email to call him regarding my employment contract (our new masters are doing strange things to our bonus system), so I did - at 10 to 8 in the morning his time, which was when I happened to get to work and open my mail. He sounded terrible, and I am sure I woke him up, it was such fun!

Well, back home to read some newspapers and do some more stitching etc....
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