Sunday, November 18, 2007
Sunday Evening
This is David's birthday present, as you see, I have not much more to do.... just the top part and some of the flowers at the side - I must get cracking, I want to get it to him before Christmas. I need to have it framed here, and I am not sure where.

This is my progress so far on "With All My Heart" from Blue Ribbon Designs. It's the top of the biscornu. The small heart, key, ribbon are 1 x 1, and there is lettering to go alongside them in 1 x 1 also.
It looks as though the transport strike in France is continuing, I am glad I am not there - 40% of buses will be running tomorrow, so it is doubtful that I could get to work. This is the worst strike for ages, and I don't think anyone is very impressed. OK, so being a train driver is stressful, but is it so stressful being a clerk in a railway office that they should get to retire earlier than the rest of us? If I worked on the railways, I would have already been retired for some years!
Maybe the railway workers should try our jobs instead - I think our hours are just as strange, plus for people who have families, they spend so much time away from home. And forget about RTT days and time in lieu, we all have a backlog of those and of vacation days. Look at Kent, who goes somewhere different every week, he moved to Madrid because his wife wanted to live there, and, as he said, it didn't matter where he lived, as he was hardly ever there. Look at all of us who did the Irish project, working in an office out in the countryside from 8am to 8pm every day - when I went to Ireland, I didn't see daylight for three months. And the people who organise their weddings long-distance, etc, etc.
Well, well, time to stop giving my views on the strikers and go to bed....

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