Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Tuesday Morning
After fulminating a lot about expenses claims yesterday, I discovered that Leo had told me the wrong task code! I should have realised this, the man is dyslexic. So it looks now as though I can fill the things in, I just have to master the rest of the process, it is all about sellotaping receipts in the right order to sheets of paper and sending them to Accounts Payable. There is some group in Roumania that actually gets all these bits of paper and processes them, the whole thing is mad. As mad as people in India ordering our cellphones and other things that we need to get.

Yesterday our Spanish technical man arrived, he is quite new and has come while the other one is here in order to increase his knowledge of our product. For some reason he arrived at 4am in the hotel, the same one where I have an apartment, and was appalled immediately, because there were a couple of cats sleeping in the lobby. I didn't know this happened in the hotel itself, we do have the apartment cat, who sleeps in our lobby, but thinking about it, it probably happens in every hotel in Nicosia. Anyway Seve does not like cats. Then there were people in the room next to him talking all night.... so he is going back to the other hotel, the one he said he didn't like last time, because it didn't have a gym or any fruit for breakfast! Strange, after he sent me about seven emails regarding the facilities of the various hotels in Nicosia.

Apartment cat has taken to waiting for me to come home, then inserting herself between me and my apartment door when I open it. She then wanders around a bit, settles down for a little sleep and miaows when she wants out again. To visit the next person, I guess. She is quite cute, and well looked after, not your typical street kitty, but not yet at the stage of sitting on the sofa with me, watching tv while I stitch.

I stitched last night, am nearly finished my little Lizzie Kate, but I really need to get on with things, there is only a little time to go until the end of the year. And no Christmas holidays, either, since we will be working all the way through. I have been going out at weekends too, and even this weekend, I am going to have a facial - at last! I booked at Jacques Dessange for Saturday afternoon with no trouble whatever. At least I know they will not ring up and tell me they have to cancel, and while I am there, I can check out any new treatments they have, and make a few more bookings.... pedicures, Dead Sea pool, etc. They have this pool of Dead Sea water in which one can float and listen to underwater music, it is very relaxing, and in fact one can even doze off, no danger of drowning, as the Dead Sea water holds you up.

Can you tell I am writing in order to use up time in which I should be testing another one of David's leftover changes? This one is incredibly boring, to do with the use of write-down instead of write-off. If you are a normal person, as opposed to an accountant or an IT financials person, you happily do not know anything about these! They are so boring that even writing emails in French about health insurance (to HR lunatics) is more appealing.
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