Friday, December 07, 2007
Idling Away My Friday
I am in the office, the only other person here is Jim, one of the technical people. The other guy, Seve, has gone off to Israel for the weekend with Leo. I hope he will be all right - I mean, I know he will get there OK, because he is travelling with Leo, but then he is going to Jerusalem for sightseeing etc. His English is very erratic, and I don't really think he understands the difference between the East Bank and the Right Bank. He will come back with Alec on Sunday, he has Alec's address written in both English (for himself) and Hebrew (for taxi driver), so hopefully he will make it to Alec's place.

This afternoon I need to take courage and do the dreaded expenses, over a month's worth, but until then I am just looking at a couple of leftover things from the week, updating my Todo list, waiting for a delivery, so I can do a bit of testing etc. I feel a bit sleepy, I didn't want to get up this morning, and I will be happy when I can leave. Jim and I are going out for dinner tonight, then I shall go to bed and sleep in a bit tomorrow. It is my facial appointment tomorrow, I really need it too. And I may walk up to the knitting and patchwork shop as well, if I get myself up and ready in time, we will see. I will not buy clothes this weekend! But I should finish Christmas shopping for my mother and sister.

Speaking of Christmas, everyone has expressed horror that I will be spending it here, and most likely working (we will know on Tuesday whether they will go live on 1 January). But it's not so bad really. If I do work, I will reclaim all the days later for holidays. If I don't work, I will just book in somewhere with a spa.... we shall see.

Have practically finished "Good Things Come to Those Who Stitch"...
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