Monday, December 10, 2007
Oh Silly Me!
When I went to open the safe in my bedroom this morning, in order to get out my laptop (which I had not touched since Friday), the code wouldn't open it, it just buzzed at me and displayed red lights! So I hotfoot it over to reception and then Angela came back with me and opened it for me with the gizmo they use (quite frequently, she says) for this purpose. She kindly said that likely I had not forgotten the code, it just happens sometimes. And of course when she came over, the cat who is not supposed to come into the building came in and tried to follow her into my apartment.... so we end up with really stupid feeling Ally.....

Of course I had intended to take photos of weekend finishes in the daylight this morning, but with this excitement, I did not, as I would have been late. There will have to be photos taken this evening, so I hope I can get the colours right. I have actually finished "Good Things Come to Those Who Stitch", AND put it into a Zara Home frame that I bought on Saturday. That shop is so good. I also finished the pair of socks that I have been knitting for ages, not bad going, when I did spend a lot of the weekend shopping and so on.

The facial on Satuday was brilliant, she did my eyebrows as well, and I was in there for nearly two hours. So I have made another appointment for this Saturday, for facial and hair. I was falling behind with my program of facials, etc, now is a chance to catch up.

Apart from that, what did I do? I had dinner with Jim the techie on Friday night, went shopping on Saturday and Sunday, etc, etc............. Seve got back in one piece from Israel, but only just. If he had not been travelling back with Alec, he would be in custody. Apparently he had some Japanese knife with him (no, I don't know why, and I don't know how he managed to get it into Israel on the journey over, there are some things for which the language barrier is too strong), and the security at Tel Aviv on the way back found it. Of course they confiscated it, and Alec managed to persuade them not to take him in for questioning. They did search him quite thoroughly and look at all his photos.

I do think Seve is naive, actually, he should have known it was a silly idea to take a knife with him. And he said the police kept telling him not to go places in Jerusalem as well, like over walls into the Arab areas! But quite a lot of young men in IT have weird ideas about tourism (Pakistan, Iraq etc), they need to remember that they are programmers, not war correspondents. He doesn't seem particularly subdued about it either, and I guess that is the language barrier again, because I bet Alec was scathing about the knife thing.
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