Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Common Cold
I didn't get to leave early last night and go to the pharmacy, in fact, I got to the pharmacy across the road from my apartment about five minutes after it shut! Goodness, I was cross, and I felt really bad by then! So I watched television for a little while - after miscounting in both my attempts at stitching and knitting, and failing to fill in even one number in Sudoku level 7 - then had a very hot bath and went to bed. Hotel kitty was miaowing outside my door to come in, but I did not let her. She cast me a baleful glance when I went out this morning (she sleeps on a chair in the lobby, from where she can keep an eye on everyone's comings and goings).

But I am here today, although contemplating nipping out to the pharmacy at some stage, and I was rewarded with nice mail - Mary Peacock Ackworth chart and With My Needle "Maidens of the Sea" chart, from Wyndham. They came via Paris, of course, as Wyndham do not ship to Cyprus. Not sure why, it can't be that complicated.

Tonight Roddy and I are going to Wagamama's , it just opened here before Christmas, and I am a big fan, so is he. I went there last week, and had the nicest asparagus with sesame, then chicken katsu..... it's always hard to choose, perhaps prawns tonight?
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