Thursday, January 03, 2008
Oh No, Bad News!
Leo just called me, and Alec won't be back on site until the end of January - he had to have an emergency eye operation last week! He was saying the week before Christmas that he had a headache and his eyes felt sore, and it turns out it is a detached retina. Which I have just tried to read about, and it sounds so painful that I couldn't finish the page, so goodness knows how dreadful it must be actually going through it. Plus the further possibilities are horrific, he could be left without sight in that eye. Of course he cannot fly until the doctor says so either, after that type of surgery.

This means that I am it on site until he gets back, although Leo says Roddy will be here next week. But he will just have meetings and things, being a PD! Then probably give me extra things to do....

I have now mastered the camera and downloading to my laptop, it is extremely easy, as all I need to do is put the camera's memory card into the correct slot on my laptop, which is apparently necessary, because I have Windows XP, but in fact I think it is the easiest way.

So here is Hotel Kitty, sitting on a pile of sun loungers, of course she started to move when she saw the camera:

And here is my new La Droguerie scarf, in various shades of alpaca, with the lace trim just draped on one edge, to show what it will look like:

This is the one where I have to sew in 64 ends! I am also in the middle of making up my pink biscornu from BRD, the one that was sold to raise funds for breast cancer research. So there is a little bit of sewing going on.

Today I also ordered the Judith Hayle Samplers book, to be sent to me here in Cyprus, I can hardly wait for that.
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  • At 6:42 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Vibes for Alec!!!!
    Keep up the photos, I love actually seeing what you're working on along with the descriptions. :)