Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Boxing Day
In Cyprus, it is actually called Boxing Day, as well.... I am sitting in the airport lounge, with the plane to Paris delayed an hour. Because the flight from Jeddah is delayed, of course, it is the Haj again, this delays all flights at this time of the year, it is a total pain. I have no idea why the airlines do not schedule realistically, the simple fact is that it takes a long time to get all the Haj passengers on to a plane, so they should call the flights an hour before departure time instead of 20 minutes! I still remember two years ago in Paris, where some Haj men made a big fuss because I was allowed on the aircraft first (being the only business class passenger), and I was sitting in my seat for an hour before takeoff, while they all boarded.

Today the incoming flight from Jeddah is delayed by three hours, that is just totally absurd! I am really glad I used some of my points to upgrade. The lounge attendant just told me there are eight passengers in business class, which is not too bad.

My weekend was fantastic, but I can't think where my camera is! I went to upload my photos yesterday, and the camera was not in my handbag. I'm really cross, because I had excellent photos of the pool, the beach and all the cats. No ordinary street kittens, these, but well-fed, well-groomed, extremely sleek creatures. One of them actually pushed me off my sun lounger, she wanted it - I had to get on the next one, so then we had me dozing on one and the cat dozing on the next one. I suppose it is her home, and I was just the guest.

The spa was great, I had thalassotherapy in three pools. First, the magnesium floating pool, which stings madly, but is incredibly good for the skin. Second, the saline floating pool, sheer bliss after the magnsium. And last, the hydrojet pool, where you can swim from jet to jet, of course I love the strong jets that hold you up. All follwed by hamam, then I had a facial and a pedicure, so I felt really, really fantastic by the end of this.

When I came back on Monday, I met up with Nicky for coffee, I forgot to mention before that he is here for Christmas.... I am seeing him again on Sunday as well....
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