Monday, January 07, 2008
Instant Gratification
This is what I knitted on Thursday and Friday evening, a bow-tie scarf (free pattern available in numerous places on the internet, there are a lot of versions, but the designer of this one is called Katherine Burgess). It took just less than a skein of Noro Cashmere Island, so it is lovely and soft:
Then on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, this is another one skein project, from a Louisa Harding accessories booklet. The yarn is called Impression, and it is a fuzzy, variegated, ribbony yarn that is very soft:
I plan to make some wristlets and a scarf of this yarn too, as I have another two skeins. This will make a nice set with not too much effort.
The wooden background is the coffee table in my hotel apartment, it has glass on the top.
Actually over the weekend, I was feeling a bit grotty with a cold, that explains the knitting - it's kind of nice when you feel low to do something that doesn't require a lot of effort but gives a quick result. I did do some stitching as well, and I think I will finish David's present this week, also my pink biscornu set.
I'm still sneezing a bit, so I am going to leave early today, go to the pharmacist and get some stuff to take to get rid of it. Roddy is here, and he is leaving early as well, since he arrived on a 4am flight.
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