Friday, January 18, 2008
Torture By Advertising Board
I am testing this Advertising Board development for the zillionth time........ it is getting very tedious, and I am close to getting very cross. However I will summon up all my patience and draw another set of diagrams showing the contracted KWH of each board being subtracted from the measured consumption of the street lights in the street where the board is. When I walk down streets now, I look at flashing billboards in a different way. How many KWH does that one use, I think.

Can you tell that I am looking forward to the weekend? I am feeling quite tired, more so as I went out to dinner last night, not having eaten anything for dinner all week, and I got back quite late, then sat and stitched and knitted for an hour. I am close to finishing a long pink silk scarf from Debbie Bliss pure silk yarn, which is very nice to knit with. I bought two skeins a couple of weeks ago, and have made the Victorian Cabled Wristlets that practically everyone else in the universe has made, and nearly finished a matching scarf.

Other reasons for feeling slightly aggrieved - my airline tickets for next week have not arrived, and the Queen is not sending Prince Charles or whoever to Sir Edmund Hillary's funeral. I mean, the Gov Gen will attend, of course, but I was expecting a member of the Royal Family as well. Either Charles or Edward would have made sense. I think it will be the biggest State Funeral ever in New Zealand.

Of course there are lots of new stitching releases that make me cheerful whenever I think of them, apparently some really nice "With My Needle" and "Just Nan" pieces are coming soon. Also a charming man has just brought me heaps of mail, including a Spring Ulla Popken catalogue....
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