Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Yesterday was a good mail day as well, I got a parcel from Silver Needle, with two new Just Nans - "Memories" and "Florentine Floral", including embellishments, linen and silk threads for "Memories". "Florentine Floral" uses DMC, but it would also be nice in silk, I think, and I may have most of the colours.

Kathryn, I looked at the Michael Powell design, you're right, it's not the sort of thing I do - lovely, but it would drive me mad actually doing it, I am not really a pictorial sort. The Greek villages are a little different from ours, not so blindingly white, perhaps:

This is Omodhos, which has quite a traditional centre, with small lanes........... many of the villages now are more like suburbs, if they are close to town, and one thing I find really rather disconcerting is that a lot of new houses here look just like Australian ones. There is a good reason for this, of course, as a lot of people here have lived in Australia or have family there and have visited. But there are some villages where the traditional centre is well preserved (although there will be the obligatory six cars per family parked out of sight somewhere), mostly these are in the mountains or the interior, as the coast has been developed for tourism.

Today I don't really feel like working, it is very warm and sunny, in fact I am going to have to go and buy some lighter tops on Saturday, I think. Leo is here, making a noise as usual....

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