Friday, February 01, 2008
Oh Wonderful Friday!
I am so happy that it is Friday, and I plan to escape as early as possible.... I've just been to see my clients and told them good news about two recent problems they raised. One I solved just by looking at the program and the problem leaped out at me for once, sheer good luck, the other my young friend in Singapore worked out overnight, bless him. I'm still left with a nasty bill print thingy, but I am about to start on that, and hopefully it is not as nasty as it looks.

More good news is that our Accounts people approved 3500 euros worth of my expenses claims, so I shall not be quite penniless! Took them a while, though, and I gather everyone has the same problem. It is worse for contractors, who get their actual salary via this method - Nicky didn't get paid for four months, what is he supposed to live on?

I wish my parcels from SBB and Silver Needle would arrive, I know the SBB one is on its way, and it has a lot of stuff in it. The Silver Needle is some new Just Nan stuff, and I'm not sure it has left the US yet, but it should quite soon. In lieu of these arriving, I may do a couple of little LHNs I have brought with me, and I need to start the Wiehenburg Mystery Sampler I signed up for - it is huge, and I bought an entire meter of linen, but need to cut this to size and oversew the edges.
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