Sunday, January 27, 2008
Back in Nicosia
I did get to Paris finally - we were an hour late as usual, because they were checking the plane. It's been rather a rush, as I had to visit two doctors, the pharmacy and the hairdressers in two days, plus do quite a lot of shopping, as I am not sure I will get back to Paris before mid-April. Unusually I did not buy books, but I bought face stuff, toothpaste, shampoo, etc, also knitting wool and materials for the Wiehenburg Mystery Sampler that I just signed up for.

On Thursday night I had dinner with Suzette, who says their project (my old one!) is going from strange to stranger, as the client no longer want either the PD or the Lead Architect, just the two designers, Suzette and another girl, plus the technical architect on an as-needed basis. This means Suzette will be working directly for their Project Director, which is not something I would be happy about. I think I am better off where I am.

My flight back yesterday was on time, very quick (fifteen minutes early) AND Marcos Baghdatis was sitting across from me one row back! When he came into the lounge before the flight, I thought I recognised him, and it was confirmed when we got on, and one man asked him for his autograph - which I actually thought was rather cheeky, as Marcos was listening to his Ipod at the time and seemed rather tired. In fact I think he slept for most of the flight, wish I had been able to as well. The man who asked for his autograph spent a lot of time whirling around his extremely noisy worry beads - I hate these things, I think all they achieve is to worry everyone else.

Thanks to those who said nice things about "With All Your Heart", this was one I really enjoyed doing, and of course I was happy that all the proceeds are going to a good cause........ I'm not sure what I am going to stitch next, in fact, that is what I am going to think about as soon as I turn off this computer. I have a couple of largeish samplers I have to make a start on, but which will come first, I do not know. Stay tuned for my decision!
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