Tuesday, January 22, 2008
With All Your Heart
Here it is, my biscornu with scissor fob! This is the BRD special edition where all the proceeds have gone to breast cancer causes. I do think I need a little pair of pink scissors to go with this. My biscornu is filled with round-grain rice. I prefer the plastic beads, but they are unobtainable in Cyprus - I don't really like to stuff them with cottonwool or whatever, I think the "moveable" filling gives a nicer effect, and it is much easier when attaching the buttons to get through a moveable filling and get everything nicely lined up. And David is not here to assume this one is a bean-bag and start throwing it around the room!

I am busy today, as I am going to Paris tomorrow - finally I found my airline ticket, it had been changed from paper ticket to e-ticket WITHOUT TELLING ME! Of course I am clairvoyant, so should have known this. I am now engaged in a debate about upgrading it, because of course our new masters always order the worst possible fares, even if it is only one cent cheaper than something fully refundable, changeable, upgradeable. One cent saved like this is worth more than hours and hours of my time, naturally.
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