Thursday, January 31, 2008
Thursday Already
This week seems to have gone quickly, although I have been suffering a bit from insomnia (the company now owes me 8000 euros worth of expenses and I also bank with Societe Generale!).

We have been terribly busy, Alec and I, and we have two PDs (Leo and Roddy) asking us every three seconds for updates.... Alec is getting rather irritable, understandable as he is working with one eye open most of the time. But I was surprised to see him fling his cellphone on the table yesterday. And today he said he felt he needed a strong drink before speaking to our DBA! I am just having moments of quiet despair, as I open yet another problem log, and look at yet another strange case of missing flags for this or that. I am dealing with a few things that are not really my field, since Alec is pretty busy, but nothing so far is too horrific.

I have not been doing a lot at night, I picked out Tournicoton's "Petit Coeur" to work on - another small project, and I think I will finish it this week, if I can find some little beads somewhere for the edging... apart from that, picking up the knitting now and then as well...
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