Monday, February 04, 2008
Another Week
I have photos, but Blogger will not let me do anything......... I will have to try and do them later.

I have a complete "Petit Coeur", that needs to be backstitched around the edges and put together, and I have started on "Victoria's Quaker" yesterday. This is the first time I have used the Vicky Clayton silks, I bought them together with the chart from Jacky (AMAP) at a salon last year. They take a little bit of getting used to actually, and I think I would like using one strand more than two i.e. the premium grade. But for my linen, some 32 count Antique Ivory that I must have had ten years, two strands is necessary. Colours are great, however.

This morning I had very good mail, from SBB&B, including the Ehrman book on Judith Hayle samplers, the new Drawn Thread charts and some old CHS charts. So heaps to look at tonight, today I have to do more Bill Print!

The weekend was pretty lazy, actually, and I slept in the afternoons, while I had a facial on Saturday, and in my own bed on Sunday. This meant I had trouble sleeping last night of course, and I was up until 12:30am listening to an audio book - I decided to subscribe to Audible, which has a good selection. Only problem is I cannot download them from work, so have to go to Gloria Jean's and have coffee while I do this. The firewall here is extremely idiosyncratic, it won't allow even legitimate things, like fixes from our company website, to be downloaded, let alone anything else that anyone may be thiking of.
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    DT has a picture of Tocccata 4, as well as a new (Valentine) freebie, on her website. Kim