Monday, February 11, 2008
Victoria's Quaker
As you see, I have accomplished quite a bit in the last week, and I am getting used to the silks. I definitely like stitching the more "logical" motifs - the wreath, stars etc, as opposed to the lady, cute though she is. I also started LHN "Paper Whites", but no photo yet.

Saturday I went out and did some shopping, three pairs of trousers and four t-shirts at Ulla Popken for 172 euros, excellent, then a pair of sandals at Accessorize. After that I had to go home to sleep for three hours! I was very tired after all the fuss about expenses on Friday, our HR and Finance are being very difficult about this. And I see this morning they still haven't paid anything.... we are all getting very cross. Alec tells me they haven't paid his rent for five months, while Nicky hasn't even been paid his contracting fees for four months.

Sunday I stitched practically all day, knitted also, and listened to "Spider Light", by Sarah Rayne - this is very exciting, and I hope I will get to listen to the end of it this week, and not have to wait until the weekend. I rather like these audiobooks, and I am pleased I signed up, the selection is good.

Apart from that, I am waiting for Nashville Market reports with bated breath. I did pre-order a few things, of course, but there are always new and exciting pieces that are revealed there, so I am sure I shall be ordering some more..... expense payments permitting, of course.
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