Tuesday, February 26, 2008
More Zara Home
I haven't bought this one yet, I saw it in the online catalogue for Zara Home, but I think I will look for it in the store at the weekend....... it is cross-stitch, again. I can't get a bigger picture unfortunately, but, if I buy it, I will photograph it. I hope they do have it, so at least I can see it, and I hope they do have the square pillow cases, which are hard to get in Cyprus, but of course all my pillows are square, as I live in France! The upside of this is that, when they do get any square pillowcases here, they usually end up on sale, as no-one else wants them.

Last night I went home very early - 5:30 pm - and went to bed at 9pm, I was still so tired from the night before. I still had car horns echoing in my mind, after several hours of this the night before, so I was relieved to wake up this morning without those. I slept several hours, first until midnight, and then again from about 1am to 6:30am, so I am much refreshed.

PS Kathryn, is the background colour looking different from usual? I haven't changed anything lately....
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  • At 11:17 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Happy birthday!
    That's you, Judith in the Netherlands and my nephew all in two days :)
    Funny, your background colour is back to normal now, but when I commented it was a very dark aubergine.....