Monday, February 25, 2008
New Cross Stitch Cushion
No, I have not been so industrious as to stitch a whole cushion over the weekend! This is from Zara Home, where I paid a little visit on Saturday morning. I also bought some coasters that are made from buttons:
Zara Home is quite a good place for those who like stitching and want to decorate their homes appropriately!

Little note - isn't the hotel sofa hideous? Who would want a yellow and blue checked sofa? Is there any decor that would actually go with this? I just ignore it most of the time, at least it is relatively comfortable to sit on.

Apart from that, yesterday was the second round of the presidential elections, I thought they waited two weeks for this, like in France, but actually it was only one. Polls closed at 5pm, and around 6.30 there was a huge amount of noise, cars honking and fireworks, so I knew there had been a result already. I turned on the television and found that it was the communist candidate who had been elected, I was surprised. The noise only got worse, and it went on terribly late as well, I didn't really sleep much.

Today a lot of the people at work seem really happy about the communist president, can only hope that they don't say too much about this in front of Alec - as he was born in a communist country, and his family escaped from there when he was quite young.

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  • At 8:26 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    LOL - it might match my house ok as the walls are a sunshine yellow....
    umm, hate to say it, but having difficulty reading your blog on the background colour