Friday, March 07, 2008
Long Weekend in Sight
I am sitting here in the office listening to the users doing something very loudly in Greek, while our own DBA asks me questions either in English or in French about various things. He is Spanish and speaks neither English nor French very well. Nice young man, but can be irritating. He has a tendency to ask why the Cypriots and the Turks don't like each other very much, which at best provokes long historical explanations, which clearly he doesn't understand, given that he has asked this several times. Add history teacher to my other roles! Yesterday I had to explain to him the differences between Protestantism, Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, as well!

So I hope to escape quite early today, particularly as it is a long weekend, we have Monday off, and the weather should be fine, so I can swim. I also urgently need summer clothes and sandals, as I have none here, but I am worried about what is in stock. Nicosia's shops seem to have still mostly winter clothes, I don't know why, but I did see a couple of people at breakfast wearing padded coats. I would be dead if I tried that in the current heat.

This week I have been busy testing something that's overdue and no-one else wants to do it, so of course I get landed with it. So very little stitching progress, I want to make up for that at the weekend.
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