Monday, March 03, 2008
Victoria's Quaker - Nearly Half Way!

This is the last week's progress, and the weekend's - definitely practically at the half way mark! Hopefully I can continue to progress this week, although I am not sure if Roddy is going to be in town. He seriously impedes my stitching progress, as he always takes me to dinner. Which of course is good for me, as I don't get enough social activity here.

It is also a public holiday next Monday, and I am not going away for the weekend. I did think about going down to Limassol to the spa again, but, having just forked out a vast sum of money to Air New Zealand, I should try and economize a little. Particularly as it is getting very warm, and I will need to get some new clothes. I was so frustrated on Saturday that Aerosoles does not yet have the summer shoes in, I really need sandals for work, as I cannot wear my old Ecco sandals that I use for walking at the weekends to work. Similarly I have t-shirts and so on, but not stuff that I can wear to work.

Anyway the point of this is that I can stitch next Monday, instead of working! I am close to running out of the red and the black silks for VQ, but I have ordered some more from Victoria Clayton and they are in the mail, so I hope they arrive before I completely run out. I am stitching this two over two on 32 count, as opposed to 1 over 1 for the original - which I have seen in person, and it is tiny! The Victoria Clayton silks come in quite small skeins, which I think is terrific if you are using a lot of colours and don't need so much of each. I believe she also offers larger hanks, which would be ideal for monochrome samplers, I really will have to look at those and see what is available, because I have Beatrix Potter etc that I would like to do.
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  • At 11:57 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    YOu are really motoring along! Wow!!
    How long now to your mum's birthday? I've forgotten....
    And will you stitch her something?
    us sticky beaks want to know!