Friday, February 29, 2008
More Nice Mail
Yesterday afternoon, my parcel from SBB with the Cats Whiskers Chair and Coffre de La Reine arrived! With the Kelmscott accessories, I love the heart-shaped thread holder and the little ruler. I ordered the Dinky-Dies silks as well, I have not stitched with these at all, and hope they are nice to use. I need to order linen from my friends Sew and So, but I am not ready to start these yet - my current plans are to finish Victoria's Quaker and get ahead with the Wiehenburg sampler, which rests at half a motif. Shameful!

I really must do some sewing up and some photographing this weekend - I have a knitted beret with rosette made of sari silk, a half-sewn-up Petit Coeur, a scarf that needs ends darned in and lace sewn on. I also have this terrible urge to knit a silk t-shirt, I must resist this for the moment.

My other hope for the weekend is that it will be warm enough to swim, the hotel swimming pool is outside and unheated. We are up to a warm 18 or 19 degrees most days now, with sun, so I may be lucky. No local would ever swim in this pool until May, but I am more hardy than they are.

Of course the other news is that we are not going live next week. No-one is surprised, Alec and I just gave deep sighs. We both have moments of feeling that we will spend the rest of our lives in this country. Roddy will throw a fit, I don't know if he is still coming next week. Once again we all rearrange our lives.
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