Monday, March 10, 2008
Green Monday
I don't seem to be able to add any photos today, so I can't show you my fairly unimpressive progress over the weekend - it hasn't been as productive as I hoped, since I have been feeling quite tired. The weather also has been both hot and grey, with some fierce winds. Actually I was expecting the dust storms we get when the dust comes over from Egypt, but thankfully we have been spared that - I have to stay indoors when that happens, it is not very healthy outside.

On Saturday I got sucked into going for lunch with our young Spaniard, honestly I feel guilty about him - he is perfectly nice, but it's such a struggle to converse. He's a bit funny in some ways actually, at lunch he told me that he had been in my hotel on Friday evening, not to stay or to eat, as I at first thought, but to use the gym. I said, oh yes, I believe they do allow people from outside to use it, you just pay a fee. And guess what he said! He didn't pay, he was just jogging in the area, and thought he would like to use the gym, so he jogged through the hotel reception, out the back door, past the pool and into the back door of the gym! Thus bypassing the gym reception where they ask you for your room card and check who you are. Inventive, I suppose, but.... all I can say is, it wouldn't have occurred to me.

Actually on Friday afternoon he suddenly asked us in the office if bulls**t was a polite word in English. Fortunately none of the clients were there at the time, it was only me and one of the young men from our Greek partner company. The latter was good enough to explain that, no, it wasn't the sort of thing you should say at work, better to reserve it for when he was with his male friends. Then, later on, when he told me that Spain was having presidential elections, and I said King Juan Carlos would be surprised to hear that, he comes out with, Kings are bulls**t! So I was relieved to go home on Friday.

Apart from that, I have spent a lot of time lounging on the sofa, listening to audio books, and nothing intellectual either. I'm going to go out in a bit, a few shops are open, thank goodness, as I urgently need some things. All I am going to say about that is that I will be glad when the menopause and all of its unpredictability is well and truly finished. It really does affect my moods and makes me quite lethargic sometimes - even when I want to do things.

No real plans for the day, apart from doing my necessary shopping.... then I'll come back home and try to tidy up a bit, the place is a bit of a mess, and do some stitching. I have actually finished some knitting, a rather nice pink variegated angora scarf, which I thought I had better finish before the weather becomes so hot that even the thought of angora makes me turn bright red!
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