Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Rant and Rave
My goodness, the admin people have done it now.................. I was electrified yesterday to get a note from them asking me to send them a cheque for about 2000 euros, as they had tried to recover their mistaken payment from my March salary, and it was 2000 euros short! Of course I write back saying that I already sent them a cheque for the full amount, and kindly reinstate my March salary. Then back comes another email saying literally "Oh, OK, do not pay the extra amount". No explanation, apology, whatever.

I haven't yet replied to that one, because I can't trust myself not to write something fairly rude along the lines of "well, if it hadn't been more than a whole month's salary, you would have got away with reclaiming this money twice without my noticing for some time". Plus a bit about how they shouldn't have paid me this money anyway, if they had checked their AP system, they would have noticed it had already been paid by AP. And the whole thing would never have arisen if they actually paid expenses claims on time!

Leo is also sitting here muttering "I hate (company name)", turns out they have done something strange to him as well. I think it may be connected with expenses......
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