Friday, March 14, 2008
Friday Update
Blogger will not let me post photos at present, no idea why, so my progress with Florentine Floral is going to have to wait...

It is very quiet here today, as Alec and Angel have both gone home, Angel for a whole week, thank goodness. He is exhausting, it takes such an effort to listen to him, and he also does not close doors, which drives both Alec and me mad. There have been high winds which mean that any unclosed doors swing to and fro, eventually banging, which is agonizing. I guess some people just don't get why they should close doors!

What have I done this week, apart from quite a bit of Florentine Floral, going out to dinner twice, listening to Angel? Well, I did buy two pairs of summer shoes from Aerosoles - finally they got some! I have black sandals with wedge heels and woven type straps, plus beige flatties with bits cut out of the side for air, that will keep me going until some more exciting ones arrive. I did submit yet more expense reports (covered with notes regarding the dates I required payment by!). I did solve quite a lot of entirely specious "problems" raised by various people, I can only conclude that some of them do not have enough to do.

So I am looking forward to the weekend, hopefully this hideous wind will die down. I guess it is the edge of the storm that has been sweeping Europe, or something like that.
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