Saturday, March 15, 2008
Photos Allowed Today
This is Florentine Floral as of yesterday morning, a bit more is done now....

I am sitting here exhausted, as I have walked all over town today - the Post Office, Debenhams, the kiosk, Ulla Popken, Starbucks, the knitting wool shop, Jacques Dessange and another kiosk. It is now 6pm and not dark yet, although it will be in a few minutes. Darkness just drops here, and it does get dark earlier than in Paris. On the other hand, it gets light much earlier, never later than 6:30 and now about 5:30 am. Whereas in Paris it is never light before 7am, even in the height of summer, and 8:30 am in winter.

It was hot of course, out around town, and I bought summer clothes, including a couple of shirts I can wear to work. One is DMC 340 and the other is 3689, I see from the Florentine Floral colours! So far no new linen dresses in stock, I hope some are coming. I need some, and I don't want to have to sew myself. I can, of course, but it is not my favourite activity. Would much rather embroider than sew!

At the knitting wool shop I succumbed to Debbie Bliss Cathay - cotton, microfiber and silk, a good blend for summer, and I will make a top down short-sleeved jumper. I downloaded a pattern via Ravelry and think I can do it. But who knows how long it will take? Cannot give you the colour reference for that, but it is a colour that is not orange, ochre or yellow or apricot - this sounds dull, but it is quite a good colour for a brown-eyed blonde.
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