Sunday, March 23, 2008
Hottest March Day Ever
Saturday was the hottest day ever in March in Cyprus, about 36 degrees......... it is still hot and very windy, we have the red dust being blown over from Egypt and I don't intend to spend a lot of time out of doors.

Of course I saw on CNN and the other news the bad weather in the US (Kim, I hope you don't have floods? it looks terrible), and also that in Paris it is 6 degrees, which is below average for this time of year. Truly the weather on the whole planet is getting more and more unpredictable, I think. I try to do my bit for the environment, walking and not having a car, and not flying too much, but you really have to wonder where it all is going to end. I do despise those celebrities who tell us all not to fly, but that they have to for their jobs! Most people in my company, in my position, would have made medium distance flights at least every two weeks since November (when I came here), that is ten return trips, I have made two and a half so far. There are people who would have gone home every week, actually. Of course Alec does, but for him it is only a 45 minute flight, sadly there is no ferry any more because of the international situation in the Middle East.

Today I am thinking of sleeping in the afternoon, as I really feel tired. I have some washing to do, and I want to stitch some more - back to Victoria's Quaker, as my extra thread has arrived. Tuesday is a public holiday, for Greek National Day, so I can also take that day off, for stitching etc.
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