Friday, March 21, 2008
Florentine Floral Finished
I went home last night and stitched for about two hours - that was enough to finish Florentine Floral. In real life the colours are more vibrant, but I took this picture last night in light that was not great.

Today is Good Friday, but it is not a holiday here in Cyprus, as Greek Easter does not fall for another month. Typically it is a week different from Western Christian Easter, but this year there is a long gap. I will go home early , and I hope it will be fine enough to have a swim - again it is looking grey for the weekend.

I have more hassle with the expenses, now I have 1500€ that I am owed since 1 February, and also the finance manager is claiming that he should stop my pay because the cheque has not arrived! Really they are inefficient........... our resources director is looking into the whole thing for me, but I am on the point of involving the inspecteur du travail, since there seems to be no end to the saga.
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