Monday, April 14, 2008
Hot Weekend
On both Saturday and Sunday the temperatures were into the 30s........... Saturday I had to go to Jacques Dessange for a facial, and I was exhausted by the time I got back, it was so hot. Yesterday I stayed inside for most of the day, then went to Wagamama's for an early dinner about 7pm.

I have finished Bella Bee, but no photo yet, as it was quite late last night. Also finished a grey cashmere shawl, of no interest whatever photographically, as it is a quite plain triangle with garter stitch border, the aim of this is to keep me comfortable on the plane. I did a little bit of Victoria's Quaker as well, I shall have to get going with that again. I am taking that, and the barely-started Wiehenburg Mystery to NZ with me.

My temporary replacement arrives today, hope he is OK.... he hasn't fronted yet, as he was on the plane that arrives at 4:30am.
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