Wednesday, May 21, 2008
This week is flying past, I have been quite busy, although there haven't been a huge number of problems with our go-live. I've had huge amounts of admin stuff to do, because they said we had to do everything like timesheets and expenses until the end of May, and I've also had to do some Danish translation for one of the sales people. And some Swedish, as well, because it turns out the sales people don't know the difference and some of the stuff they sent me was Swedish. Well, my Swedish is not that great, but it was OK for what they wanted.

At present my database is being refreshed, so I have some spare time to write a bit. I'm still rather tired and the 37 degree heat today is not helping. At the weekend, I slept a lot and went swimming on both days, not much stitching, although I am getting on with Victoria's Quaker and I WILL take a photo in the next couple of days, because there is only about 25% left to go.

Re swimming, I was the only person in the pool, but there were a few people sunbathing, including a woman who was wearing only a very small bikini bottom. It was a bit much, all that flesh, and I hope she had sunblock, there are some places you would NOT want to get burned.

I've also knitted a simple lace scarf (6 row repeat) from three skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere - when the big boss was here last week, he talked about sending me to Poland or Estonia after the summer holidays, so I think I need to be prepared! Although I am rather tempted to crochet a sunhat at the moment, I have a skein of Noro tape yarn that is just crying out for this, we shall see, I just need to find a pattern.

Ah well, off to see whether my database is back.........
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