Saturday, May 17, 2008
Swimming Pool At Last
This week has been very hectic at work - I achieved about 10 stitches of Victoria's Quaker all week - and I have one evening when I went home at 10:30pm and another was 9:00pm. Last night I was unbelievably tired, and still felt tired when I got up at 8:00am.

I've been shopping, the kiosk for newspapers, Ulla Popken (a robe thing I can wear over my swimsuit on the way to the pool) and the supermarket, which was crowded with about 150 ancient ladies and required great patience. Then home for a swim, and I was the only one in the pool, yay!!! After that I feel really quite terrific compared with anything else I have felt since Wednesday, and now I have come into the office, to see if anything horrible has happened, but apparently it has not.

Actually nothing really bad has happened the whole week, the go-live has been without any serious incidents, I think the worst that happened was that two wrong batch jobs got run, and we had to remove data, one time Alec, and one time me. Our very big boss from London was here for a couple of days and talked to the client, and told me that they are very happy with Alec and me here, and we will stay until the end of July, at which time the arrangement will be rediscussed.

I plan to go home not later than 4:00 pm, and get things organised there - there's clothes everywhere - and have a lazy evening. I can use the washing machine this evening, the water laws allow it on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8pm in my area, and I bought shrimps and salad at the supermarket, so I will not go hungry.
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