Monday, May 26, 2008
Victoria's Quaker Weekend Progress
Here is all of Victoria's Quaker, so that you can see how much I have left to do:

The UT at the bottom is actually the bottom of the piece, so it is getting on. By the way, mine is twice the size of the original, which I have seen, it was stitched 1 over 1 on 32 count, while mine is 2 over 2.

Here is a closer picture of the most recently stitched part:

This one shows the colours quite nicely, I think, and it was only taken this morning, in daylight, in my sitting room, so I wouldn't have said it was fantastic light, so you can never tell.

Apart from this, over the weekend I have been swimming twice again. I go mid-morning, a couple of hours after breakfast, as the pool is quiet then, and I am quite energetic, having woken up by then. I am not a morning person, which is a waste here, as it gets light soon after 5 am, and it is one of the most pleasant times of day. This weekend the only other people at the pool in the morning were a few sunbathers, in bikinis, with the obligatory tattoos and stomach piercings (don't those things get hot in the sun?), who look at me as though I am mad when I get into the water, and madder still when I get out, put on a sunhat and loads of SPF 50 and retreat under an umbrella.

Then, after swimming, I go back inside, read newspapers, have lunch, stitch, knit, sleep, etc, in roughly that order. Play with hotel kitty for a while, or go on kitten viewings around the neighbourhood, I know where all the new families of kittens are living now. This idyllic weekend existence will continue next weekend, then on Wednesday next week I fly to Paris for four days, to do hairdresser etc. Alec is away this week and most of next, but Kent, our top tech guy will come on Wednesday to keep me company for a couple of days. He is going to do some tuning of the system and perform some other technical miracles, as usual!
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  • At 3:31 am, Blogger S

    VQ looks amazing!! Did you use the Vikki Clayton silks? Mine are so dark - so I havent started mine yet.