Sunday, June 15, 2008
Summer Sunday - and VQ Finish
Yes, I have finished Victoria's Quaker, yesterday afternoon, but no photo - I am still having camera problems, and I need to get a new battery! I haven't yet found the correct place to get one here, the local shop sells every sort but. It's infuriating sometimes living on an island.

Not sure yet what I shall start today, I am going to have a good look at what I have here with me and see. I do feel in the mood for another big one, though. (Edited somewhat later to say, I have started BRD Red Velvet Building Blocks)

I've been swimming, but have just come out, as the Greek family crowd has arrived, the ones who throw enormous footballs and frisbees around the pool and fill up the (quite large) jacuzzi with all of their children. I usually manage to get in an hour or so before them and swim around with a few other normal people before they arrive. Plans for the rest of the day include stitching, reading, maybe going out for a salad or something. It's a holiday weekend here, so tomorrow is a day off.

By the way, Leo and cats.... he says that the cats in his neighbourhood are malevolent creatures who do their business in the middle of his lawn (he's a keen gardener). I have pointed out to him that cats seek privacy for such matters and bury the results neatly, but he swears the cats in Tel Aviv do not! Actually I think he is allergic to cats, I know when he was staying in the same block of apartments as me, and Hotel Kitty took a fancy to him, he was walking around with a large box of Kleenex, sneezing his head off.
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  • At 5:54 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Yay for the finish!!!
    No fun being allergic to a very common domestic animal, poor Leo.
    He really wouldn't like our 4 - they bring home rodent/ avian presents for us...

  • At 3:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

    Great job on finishing VQ!! Can't wait to see a finished piccie :D Had to go hunt down a piccie of Red Velvet Building Blocks too, as I wasn't familiar with that one - looks like it could be an interesting stitch ... and a nice change to have something monochrome, much less thinking needed ;) Look forward to some progress piccies once you manage to track down a camera battery! :)