Monday, June 02, 2008
Monday After a Hot Weekend
It was so hot this weekend, nearly 40 degrees both days - the weather on TV said 36, but it is always slightly hotter in Nicosia than they say. On Saturday, I barely made it to get newspapers and cold drinks, then in a fit of insanity decided to walk up to the knitting wool shop. I bought some sari silk and other yarns to make bags, also a Vogue On the Go bag knitting book, then I returned home to lie under the airconditioning all afternoon.

Sunday I managed to get get to the pool fairly early, so I was finished swimming before the crowds arrived and the sun got too strong. Then again it was under the airconditioning in the afternoon. I've made quite a lot of progress on Victoria's Quaker, but cannot photograph, as my camera battery needs changing, I will have to get another one at the airport or in Paris.

I just texted our taxi driver to take me to the airport on Wednesday morning, she texted back to say could it be half an hour earlier than usual, as she is also picking up Alec from the airport - he will be here for two days this week while I am in Paris. Then I will come back on Saturday and work all next week without him and then we will both be here the week after. It's all a bit complex. I feel guilty making him come for two days this week, but I desperately need to go to Paris, for various reasons.

Leo is leaving the company........... it's funny, people keep on assuming he is retiring, because he is well over 60, not sure exactly how much, but he could be 65. He gets really cross about this assumption, because nothing could be further from the truth, he has found himself another job, with a quite exciting company. I think he was feeling stifled, because since our company got taken over by the giant, there really is no place for free thinkers here, both Alec and I have problems with this sometimes. Well, I think everyone does really. But everyone, including the Big Boss, is sad that Leo is going, Big Boss told me they had tried everything to get him to stay.
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