Tuesday, July 08, 2008
VQ Photos!
Yes, camera is working again........... so here we are, the finished Victoria's Quaker:

Plus the bottom half closer up, as that's the part that has not really been photographed at all so far:

I am actually very pleased with the way it has turned out - when I first saw the colours of the silks, I thought they were dark and boring, but the effect is much better than I had expected.
I got back here as planned on Saturday evening, a little later than expected, since the plane was crowded with package tourists as I predicted. It took ages to board in Paris, going through the security queue was a complete nightmare, even worse than usual. All of economy class was full, not one spare seat, and there were very few spares in business class. When I got back to the hotel, I distinguished myself by breaking my keycard in the front door of the apartments! Don't ask me how I did this....... anyway George from Reception, who is a hero, managed to fish the pieces out, otherwise I would have been very unpopular with all the residents.
It is incredibly hot, on Sunday I really could not go out until the evening, and going to work yesterday and today was like walking into an oven. Yesterday I went home at 5:30 and jumped straight into the pool, which is supposed to close at 6pm. The surrounds are a restaurant in the evenings, but no-one ever comes to have dinner before 8pm, so in practice one can swim until after 6pm, but it depends upon who is setting up for dinner, as to what time they tell you to get out of the pool.
I am fairly busy at work this week, as Alec is at home, he has major dentist work plus visiting his in-laws! And I am being hassled by lawyers as well. At the moment our US lawyer is rather good, I think she really does understand what the problems have been regarding the mythical Cyprus work permit. But the Cypriot lawyer is hopeless, both incompetent and rude. Incompetent is actually the best construction that can be put on her behaviour, I have caught her in a couple of mistakes that are either due to extremely poor record-keeping or plainly simply lies. The latest example of staggering rudeness is that our client and I are expected to drop everything tomorrow and sign documents about whose purpose we know nothing, to be deliverd to us at some unspecified time by some person we do not know, to whom I am supposed to give my passport as well......... supposedly it should be returned tomorrow, but who knows?
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