Monday, July 21, 2008
A Couple of Photos
These are a couple of knitting photos, that I intended to post over the weekend, but Blogger was not being at all cooperative.

First, my Louisa Harding Frilled Scarf and matching Aurora Beret - from pink Impressons and Kimono Ribbon. The pompons on the scarf are two x Impressions and 2 x Kimono Ribbon, and the Rosette on the Beret has the first row from ribbon and the rest (= insides of petals) from Impressions, which is a soft yarn that is not too fuzzy:

Now a lacy cashmere scarf from Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere and some socks from Regia bamboo mix yarn:

After that, maybe you can guess my favourite colour? But I am now knitting a scarf in pale green Sari Silk, as a bit of a change from pink.

The weekend was so hot here, well over 40 degrees continuously both days, and it only drops to about 27 or 29 overnight. All I can hope is that my airconditioning doesn't break and that the swimming pool doesn't suffer some calamity that renders it unuseable. I was very happy yesterday, as there was no wedding party at the hotel, so the pool was open until 6pm, and I was able to have a late afternoon swim. When there is a wedding, it closes at 4pm, and it's still very hot for me then. But by 5:30, there is a bit of shade over the pool, and all the annoying kids have gone. We had two small English girls on Saturday morning, who repeatedly jumped in (after long run-ups) screaming "bombs away!" each time. One of them nearly landed on me, because they were not looking where they were going.............. never mind the notice that says "no jumping or diving". The pool is only 1.60 deep at the deepest part, so it's not made for that sort of thing.

Apart from that, as usual I only did embroidery, knitting and some reading at the weekend, plus a sleep each afternoon. I do feel a lot better today, though, and part of this must be that I have a work permit, albeit only valid until the end of August. Quite something that we can spend three years and two months getting a work permit which is then valid for seven weeks! But after our sojourn in the other office on Wednesday, our passports were taken to the immigration office on Thursday and returned to us, with work permits, for both Alec and me.

Let's hope things continue to go along pleasantly this week, so that we can cope with the heat etc...

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