Friday, July 25, 2008
A Nice Fish Lunch
There is such a thing as a free lunch............ the new PD, who is called Yehiel, came to Nicosia today and took me out to lunch with the client's IT Director. To a nice fish tavern, where we first had salad, dips, octopus and red mullet, then a whole fish with oil and lemon sauce. Rounded off by some fruit, fresh figs and so on.

Of course Yehiel does want me to do something for him, to work for him in his new group where he is leader of the universe. He asked me whether I was interested in any sort of project management, the answer was a resounding NO! Don't tell my sister, she would be shocked, but I have spent years avoiding becoming a project manager, after occasional forced sentences. It's not that I think it's a terrible job or that I can't do it or anything like that, it's just that I am an architect and that's what I want to do for the foreseeable future, in any case.

And it looks as though I am coming back here for a considerable time as well. Definitely August and September, then I will get a holiday, I have told Yehiel that I insist upon that.... Goodness knows what my holiday plans will be by that time of the year! I haven't even thought that far ahead, but it would probably be quite nice to get on a train and go somewhere.

I am trying to go home now and start my weekend, via the supermarket for essential supplies (chardonnay, anyone?), hope I can get there before it closes. Actually here you are not supposed to be able to buy wine except at licensed premises and supermarkets, they stopped the kiosks from selling a while ago, because the other shops complained about this. However, most kiosks still keep some for their friends etc, and I qualify in this category at the kiosk next door to work. There are three people that work there, Andreas, his father and a part-time guy. Now Andreas and Papa are lovely people, but the part-timer is weird, and if I go in there and ask for chardonnay, he makes a big thing of it. In fact, if I go past and see he is there, I will not go in at all - the guy is obese, with a huge great beard and sticking out hair, and he has eyes that look as though he is on drugs. And he thinks he is wonderful, he is always trying to chat me up! At least I think so, repeated questions about where I am from, how long I am going to be in Cyprus, how cute my accent is and how many languages do I speak? David says this is definitely chat lines, and he should know....

So it's the supermarket for me, then home, a nice shower and so on, and some stitching when I feel cool again. I'll have to take a photo of my Red Velvet Building Blocks tomorrow. Which reminds me, in the interests of research, I have ordered all "red" colours of Belle Soie silk from Sew and So, they should be waiting for me in Paris next week. Then I can pick which will be the best for various larger projects e.g. Romy's Austrian Sampler and order more of those, while the single skeins will be perfect for smaller things.
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