Thursday, July 31, 2008
Paris Here We Come
Tomorrow I am going home for the weekend - yay! I'm not flying back until Tuesday, that being the earliest flight I could get. I wasn't supposed to be coming back at all, according to the Big Boss last time he was here, I was supposed to be having holidays in August and then going to some other project. Of course, even though we only have about ten bosses, none of them can plan anything, so this is all changed now. Alec and I were moaning yesterday about how sad it was to keep a dog and bark oneself, as it were, since it seems that anything that does require organisation is carried out by us.

Current plan is that I shall stay here until mid-September, then take some holidays, which sounds like a very good idea, since I have currently 29 days of vacation and probably about 6 RTT days that I need to take. This company takes vacation days off us, if we do not use them by the end of May each year. I lost five earlier, even though I had three weeks off when I went to New Zealand. It will be interesting to see if Sarkozy's reform of the 35 hour week will affect our vacation days - of course we don't work a 35 hour week, no-one does, except in the civil service and in shops and so on, but this is why we have extra vacation. I tend to think that, with a big company like ours, any effects will take quite a long time to be felt, as they have to go through a lot of negotiations to change anything.

I am looking forward to going home for a bit, since there should be some squishy mail waiting for me, also I am hoping it will be considerably cooler. Although last night it said on television that Paris was 28 degrees, which can be very hot and unpleasant there. On the other hand, 28 degrees can also be quite nice, it depends upon sun, wind etc, so here's hoping.
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