Monday, August 11, 2008
Red Velvet Progress
Here is the latest on the Red Velvet Building Blocks, I have done a fair bit over the weekend, after a not very productive week:

The weekend of course was hot, with the sun beating down as usual. I had to go to the Post Office on Saturday morning, but after that I collected a whole load of water and soft drinks and put these in the fridge before heading to the pool. At least this weekend the pool was not very crowded, as most people in Nicosia are on their summer holidays now. Only a couple of local families with their footballs etc. I'm always surprised by how badly the local people swim, that is, when they try to swim instead of just jumping around in the pool - I can swim faster and more stylishly than most of them (and I am no expert, believe me!).
I did watch Olympic Games for some hours, as I have Eurosport, which has continuous coverage, although often of not very interesting things, like basketball, which I turn off at once. For some reason, that sport really irritates me, but everyone else seems to think it is wonderful, I can't figure this out. I quite like watching swimming and cycling, but I would prefer if they showed more equestrian events as well. The handball and football are also big turnoffs, they just seem to go on for ages, and thank goodness they have not tried to show us hockey yet. Maybe I don't like these sports because they remind me too much of school?
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