Friday, August 08, 2008
At last it is Friday, I am really tired and would like to go to sleep! I don't have a lot to do this week, and I am by myself in the office, apart from the client, of course. It is holiday time here, next week Nicosia will be almost totally empty.

Yesterday I spent three hours on the phone with Sylvain, doing my appraisal, goodness how tedious. And I don't think it was very productive, we have quite different ideas of how things work.... I still haven't decided whether I shall change groups and work for Yehiel or not, really I need to discuss more with him. The most I did get out of Sylvain is that I would not ever have to go back to the nasty French client where I spent seven months last year being totally miserable and never having a second to myself. Suzette has also told him that she's out of there when her latest contract with them is up, this is quite soon.

I have not stitched all week, I've been so tired in the evenings, so I hope to make up for it this weekend. I'm just hoping it's not too hot, but I think that may be a vain hope, so I hope also that there are not huge crowds at the swimming pool. It's not the other guests who are the problem, they are mostly middle-aged business people like myself, but it's the locals with huge families who like to yell and throw footballs around in the pool that make it a bit difficult for normal people. People can be so pushy these days..... there seem to be so many that think they are the only person in the world.

By the way, don't know who Anonymous is, but my opinion about music is just that, an opinion.... neither right nor wrong. Actually I prefer Kim Larsen way over any other (showing my age?), but he wasn't on the list!
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