Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Indecision and Disorganisation
I am talking about my many managers, you would think that everything would be very efficient, what with Sylvain, the Big Boss, the Resources Director and the Project Manager, wouldn't you? But no, in fact, Alec and I were saying earlier how things really couldn't get much more disorganised. We had an email from the Big Boss today saying he would be in town tomorrow. Why, we wonder, as everyone here is on holiday? Except us, of course, and I really think he has come to see our clients and partners, rather than us.

The Project Manager has gone off on three weeks holiday, telling us the day he left, and not letting me know whether I should plan to return here in October. Then I get a request from the Resources Manager to know if I am returning here, because he has a request, presumably from Sylvain, for me to join a project in Paris on October. What do I know? I am actually a bit apprehensive about joining this project in Paris, after the last one that was there. The one where I had to travel for three hours a day and listen to people screaming in weird southern accents for 10 hours a day, as they picked their noses in public. It is not the same company of course, I (along with everyone else) have refused to go back there, but of course this one is completely unknown. I believe it would be closer to home though.

It would be very strange living in my own apartment again the whole time. I suppose it would have some benefits, especially concerning spare time activities.... I didn't really expect this to be a possibility, so I haven't thought about it previously. Every time I have considered not being in Cyprus from October, it has been more like, well, I may be in Poland or Estonia or somewhere like that.
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