Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Some Spectacular Service
At least I think so........ at work today I got a slip to go and collect a registered parcel from the UK from the Post Office. And I am sure the only thing outstanding for me from the UK is something I ordered from Loop in London last Friday! If so, that is less than a week, which would be truly amazing.

It should be a Norah Gaughan pattern book for winter and some Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn, fruits of my browsing on Ravelry, which is fairly addictive. I want to try some lace knitting, nothing too complicated, but in silk for this climate, as it appears I am staying here for the time being. I intend to go to Loop when I am on my holidays in fact, and stock up on some more yarn. I have a shortlist of shops to visit, including Loop, Viking Loom in York, and a few bookshops such as Hatchards. I will naturally live on Pret A Manger for the week that I am there, although maybe I will go to Wagamama as well once or twice, and I have picked hotels with swimming pools, so everything is arranged for a proper break!

I have now heard from our lawyer in the US, apparently they have found a new lawyer here, and I should get to talk to him tomorrow afternoon - only on the phone, but still. Hopefully he will not be solely money-oriented as the previous two have been. He is an immigration specialist, and apparently only deals in this area, so that is a lot better than the shipping lawyer the company first hired.

Apart from that life goes on as usual. It is stinking hot here, I was thinking yesterday that we have had these temperatures since May at least, and it was quite warm even before that. Plus no rain in Nicosia since I can remember. I am never quite sure whether it is my hot flushes or the weather when I start to perspire in the office, but, looking over at Alec, I can see he is exactly the same on most occasions. He keeps on getting up to wash his hands, but it is so hot that one's hands feel sticky when they touch anything, inlcuding a keyboard or a mouse.

At night I go home and flake for a while, then I have been stitching this week, mostly on "Ladybug, Ladybug", I would like to finish that, as I hate having these small ones hanging around.
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