Monday, September 08, 2008
Into the Home Straight, Thank Goodness
Literally, I will be home in a week..... Friday, I am out of here and down to Larnaca, Sunday morning on the plane and arriving in Paris at 2pm. I am literally thirsting for my taxi to arrive on Friday afternoon. I started packing at the weekend, and moving stuff that needs to remain here into the spare room, to make room for Alec, who will arrive on Sunday.

I am having a slightly frustrating time at work, we have a problem with a screen that does not work, it times out every single time the user tries to access it. So naturally we are trying to put it right, because we agreed to deliver to them a screen that they could use for this function. So I spend hours testing new, improved SQL and finally determine that we have to modify it quite substantially, to remove a lot of joins that really are causing a problem. Now I am at the stage of modifying external designs for the developers to make changes, and everyone seems to have woken up to how much work they will have to do, and should we be charging extra for this? Mmm, perhaps not, as we delivered a screen that doesn't really work, is my view, but you would be amazed...

Plus batch jobs have not yet started and it is 15:30, what time am I going to be able to leave tonight? I like to stay until after the bills have been produced, but this could be 19:00 at the rate we are going. And I have the lovely job of sticking receipts on to pieces of paper for my expenses claims as well, have to do that and photocopy them by the end of the week, so that I can mail them from Paris. Grrrr.... I want to go home and get into the pool.
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  • At 12:40 pm, Blogger Juile

    Hope you had a great time sight seeing the beautiful locales of Cyprus.

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  • At 8:02 pm, Blogger Ally

    What nonsense! Practically everyone I know in Cyprus is trying to sell at any price - property prices are falling rapidly, which is entirely to the good, given the poor standard of building, the problems with title deeds and the general overpricing.