Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Great News!
I got a work permit, valid until the end of September 2009! Not that I intend to be here that long (famous last words), but it doesn't cost any more to get it for that length of time, and it gives me a certain peace of mind. Well worth paying the new lawyer (number three) 3500€, considering what we have been through over the past three years. Advice to anyone coming to work in Cyprus - do NOT hire a general lawyer for work permit issues, they do not have the knowledge or contacts.

Apart from that, I am quite busy, since Alec is not here, and I have had to stay until after 7pm on both Monday and Tuesday, since billing has been late running......... also Yehiel was here yesterday, I took him out of the building to lunch, as he was complaining about the smoke and the lack of air-conditioning. He was mildly surprised when I said it was quite a lot cooler than it has been, because it is still 35 degrees, but this is quite a drop from 40 plus. It does feel relatively cool.

I've been doing small amounts of my Red Velvet Building Blocks at night, I think it will show as definite progress by the end of the week. I would love to get it finished before the holidays, which are going to start next Friday afternoon at 4pm precisely - I intend to order a taxi to take me to the hotel in Larnaca for 4:30pm. It is all planned, when I arrive there, I shall swim immediately!
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