Friday, October 03, 2008
Friday Facial
I had my breakfast delivered to my room today, quite early, because I had a facial at 9am, such bliss! This was rebalancing and cleansing facial, as opposed to yesterday's mini-facial, which was hydrating. I really needed this, because I haven't been having facials over the summer, it's too hot to go out at weekends, as you know. Now I look quite smooth, and the therapist screamed when I told her I was 52, evidently I have the skin of someone about 40. It doesn't altogether surprise me, because my 80 year old mother looks about 65.

I had a swim after that, and have just finished lunch. Think I'll go to the gym later, they have walking machines, and maybe swim again after that.

Now I feel recovered from the horrors of the security line, shudder. I forgot to say yesterday, that the best bit was when they closed one of the lines and told everyone there to join the other one, also very long. There was a Cypriot guy with his wife and son at the head of the closed line, and he was extremely upset about this, and decided to deal with it in Cypriot fashion i.e. yelling at the officials and standing there demanding to be let through. In the end, they got three policemen to come and tell him definitively that that line was closed, and if he didn't stop carrying on, he wasn't going anywhere except the commissariat of police! I felt kind of sorry for the wife, but she just stood there with no expression at all on her face, maybe she's used to it. The French were all saying oh-la-la madly, which was rather unfair, given the number of them that were screaming, they just weren't doing it at officials and policemen.

Happily the only travelling that I have to do now for a while is an hour or so in a taxi to Nicosia on Sunday, that should be uneventful enough, and once there I can unpack all the stuff I brought back with me, and look forward to some evenings of stitching - the autumn and winter in Nicosia can be quite productive. Holidays almost never are, given all the domestic catching up and the actual travelling and sightseeing parts!
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