Sunday, September 28, 2008
Well, I have not done much at all this week, except some necessary things around the apartment - it gets incredibly dusty when I am not there, for some reason. Here is the newly dusted and rearranged top of bookshelves where I keep quite a lot of my smalls:

I would love some more bookshelves, actually, but have not got around to buying any yet... it's quite a business, because arranging for anything to be delivered here is complex. So I have piles of books up the wall in the hallway.

Now it's nearly time to think of going back to Cyprus, I leave Paris on Wednesday, but am going to a Limassol hotel until Sunday, when I shall go back to Nicosia. The Limassol hotel is a good one, five star with spa, and right on the beach, so should be relaxing. I still feel rather stressed at times, probably because of all the emails I have answered while on holiday. Our developers are nice guys, but I've been asked the same question by three of them, don't they ever talk to each other? Alec has been overwhelmed with questions as well, I spoke to him on Monday. He will not be there this week, he is working from home, because it is Jewish holidays. He is not specially religious, but likes to be with his family at such times.

I'm going to look through the spa brochure now, and pre-book some treatments, I think.....

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